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Logo GV3 a Gonfie Vele Verso la Vita “a Gonfie Vele Verso la Vita” , GV3, (meaning "Full Sail Ahead") is a non-profit organization that started its activity in Brindisi at beginning of 2012. A group of sailing enthusiasts, working for the local Exxonmobil Films Plant, decided to launch initiatives in line with the slogan No Barriers to Sailing. GV3 main objectives are to involve in sailing activities people that for their social conditions cannot access to such a great experience with the sea. Sailing cruises and regattas can be a good opportunity for experimenting peaceful experience and competition stimulus to underprivileged people such as abused teens, alcoholics, disabled, minor convicts.GV3 Organization doesn’t embrace the idea that sailing is only for wealthy people and try to propose this experience also to kids, schoolgoers, common people that, for their life conditions, cannot access to a sail boat. GV3 intends also to organize Sailing-Therapy experiences with the ojective to improve Social Interactions, Team-work, Communication Skills, Self-Esteem and Community Integration.

In 2012, GV3 lauched the project “Safety in Full Sail” with the aim to spread , aim to spread the vision concerning Safety, Respect for the Environment and Energy Savings in the local community. A great opportunity for the diffusion of this message was given by a great event that occurs each year in Brindisi and that attracts thousands of people to the town: Brindisi-Corfù International Regatta. This year more than 130 sail boats, coming from 7 different countries, were involved in this 120-mile race that took place in the second week of June 2012. With the sponsorship of ExxonMobil and other local companies, the team was able to rent a sail boat and set-up an information stand, taking the opportunity to be part of such an important event 







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